Reiki Master, Holistic Healer and Animal Communication Specialist

Whether you’ve arrived by suggestion or simple fate, I’m so glad you’re here. It‘s very possible that right now is the perfect time to step upon your path, own your healing, and awaken to the unlimited potential before you by understanding and igniting your own energy.

I am here to guide and assist you in rediscovering the deepest and truest parts of yourself by navigating and understanding your own energy. All you need to do is trust that it is the perfect time. It’s time to own your healing and step onto your path to healing.

Many holistic practices have the general aim of bringing harmony into the body, mind and spirit, each with a specific approach. Some techniques are more oriented to work on the physical plane, others on the emotional and others on the energetic and spiritual. I decided to create a wider kind of project with a mission made up of a powerful combination of the most amazing disciplines, divination and healing tools, practices, and inspirations to help light the path to rediscovery of the truest, best version of yourself. This this is done by sharing with you the connection you have with the earth, plants, animals and everything around and within you. And it’s all you need, in the perfect timing for you. Let me, and my practice, Soul Star Healing, take you on a journey.

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