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Discovery Session

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Distant Reiki with a recorded energy reading

1 Hour

You will be invited to ask a question regarding a certain area of your life.
When booking your appointment, please provide yourself one hour in which you can be undisturbed. 

This session is intended to increase the flow of your life force energy and balance your chakras and aura. During this session, I perform an energy scan and help you release trauma, cycles and energetic patterns that you carry with you in this life and past lives. I also call in your spirit guides, angels and spirit animals to aid and share messages or insights that might aid in your healing. I provide these observations to you in an email or recording within 5 days of your appointment. 

This session is recommended if this is your first time working with me. From here, we can identify possibilities and options for your healing journey, depending what you feel or need to focus on to expand your awareness of yourself, your personal journey, and your soul path.


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